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·My child's PeeWee Team seems too large, can they be split up to smaller groups?

The size of the PeeWee teams is determined by the number of parent volunteers willing to serve as team managers. If more parents volunteer we will be able to have more teams with fewer players. Please contact the VP's of Recreation Soccer if you would like to volunteer in the future.

·Why do the GPS trainers switch? Can we have the same trainer consistently?

GPS runs various programs within the state and region and cannot guarantee the same trainers will be present for a specific group from week to week. We understand the desire for consistency and we will pass this request along.

·Why are there children of different ages/grade levels on my child's team?

The combination of age groups is dictated by the number of registered players. If more kids register to play is each age group we would be able to keep the birth years together. This would be our preference as well but we need to have an adequate number of players on each team to allow for the proper number of players on the field during games.

·Why is the season only 8 weeks long, I wish it was 10!

The length of the season is determined by many factors and extending the season is generally not possible due to limited availability of field space and other events on the MSC calendar.

· I think that the trainers are great for the younger kids but not for the older ones. Practices need to be changed to instruct the kids on positioning and the basics of the game. I would like to see parent coaches hold an additional practice for the team.

It is the Manalapan Soccer Clubs expectation that GPS, as the soccer training professionals, understand the proper time in a players development to introduce the different aspects of the game of soccer. The club continually monitors the training and will ask similar questions as this, to ensure that our club players are getting the proper training. GPS continually evaluates their trainers and provides them professional development to ensure they are constantly improving. In the event that a trainer does not work well with a specific age group a change can be made if deemed appropriate by GPS. The parent coaches are permitted to hold their own training sessions. In many instances, the parent coaches are limited by the free time. If additional parents were to volunteer their time as a coach/assistant coach these additional training sessions may be possible.

·Can you get coaches that are more knowledgeable about soccer?

Parent coaches are volunteers and are asked to take part in soccer coach training. We always look for experienced volunteers but they do not always volunteer. If you know of more experienced parents please encourage them to volunteer to be a coach.

·Some weekends the grass at the fields was way overgrown, what's up with that?

The Manalapan Soccer Club has no control over when the playing surfaces are cut. We rent the playing fields from the Board of Education and they have staff that handles the field maintenance.

·I'd love a chance to chat with some board members outside of soccer day. How can I experience better communication with board members?

The Manalapan Soccer Club Board members are present at every recreation soccer event and are open to conversations with parents and players. We try to wear Manalapan Soccer Club apparel at the fields so we are easy to identify. The email addresses of ALL Board Members are on the Manalapan Soccer Club website. Additionally, there are at least 7 General Membership meetings held every year (generally the second Tuesday of the month) at the Yorktown Club in Manalapan. One of the primary points of the meetings is to allow soccer club members to come and address their questions and concerns to the board.

·I wish we were given information about schedules, times, team info earlier than a few nights before so we can plan better.

The game and practice schedules are posted on the Manalapan Soccer Club website for all to see. We attempt to post all relevant information on the website to provide a one-stop location for coaches and families. We send out reminders a few days prior as a courtesy but the primary source is the website.

·I wish rosters were handed out to the coaches sooner before the season starts.

The sharing of team specific information (rosters as an example) is dictated by the close of player registration. We attempt to keep registration open as late as possible to ensure all families that want to participate have the opportunity to register. To get the rosters to the coaches 2 weeks prior to opening day we would need to close registration 3 to 4 weeks prior to the season to allow the Board to create the roster and enter them into our system. This is not a realistic approach. We will continue to improve our process but we must take many issues into account that are not apparent to our families.

·What age group is my child going to be in?

The best place to see current age groups are on the Recreation Registration page.

·I am a coach in the U5 division. Are there trophies for the kids for first, second and third places, and when do we get them?

All recreation players receive participation awards. From U5 - U10 no scores are kept since the emphasis is on development, not winning. Trophies will be given out at the last General Membership meeting.

·Is it possible to keep the same team together for the next season?

Teams are not kept together for the following seasons. Some players leave the system, new players come in, coaches change, and age groups may get combined depending on enrollment. Accordingly, after each season the coaches rate their players and the information is entered into a computer so when the teams are created the next season the scoring ensures that the new teams are as even as possible.

·What is the volunteer bond?

All families are required to pay a volunteer bond at the time of registration. This will be refunded once your volunteer time is confirmed. Full information is available on our Volunteer Opportunities page.

·I'm having trouble registering on the website. Is there a phone number I can call for support?

No, there is no phone support for registration. Please keep in mind the Manalapan Soccer Club is run by volunteers - with 'normal' jobs, families, and soccer teams of their own. Review our Parent's Guide and FAQ before looking for support. All support is via email - to [email protected] A screenshot of the issue will help immensely.

·Registration is closed, but I did not know about it. How can I get notified for next season?

The best way is follow us on our Facebook Page

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