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Manalapan Soccer Club Volunteer Requirements

The Manalapan Soccer Club (MSC) is a 100% volunteer organization and relies heavily on parent volunteers to assist in the management of the Recreation and Travel teams.  Parent volunteers are required to complete the following steps, as laid out below, to be eligible to volunteer.  These steps are required to ensure that all volunteers are properly educated on the importance of dealing with our young athletes. 

The requirements are split into two categories.  The categories are Manalapan Township Requirements and New Jersey Youth Soccer (NJYS) Requirement.  Parent Volunteers (Recreation Coaches and Travel Parent Managers) must complete the requirements as outlined below.

I.   Manalapan Township Requirements --

A.  Rutgers Youth Sports Safety Clinic --

This safety clinic is generally offered as an onsite class but may be offered as an online class.  When offered as an onsite class, there are various classes offered throughout the year at various locations around the state.  Manalapan Township generally offers at least one class per year in Manalapan.  This is a one-time requirements.  Be sure to save your card once the class is completed. 

B.  IdentoGo Background Check / Finger Printing --

Be sure to follow the directions on the Township website (  These directions include the codes that must be used to ensure the results are sent to the Township office.  Volunteers must schedule an appointment at an IdentoGo office to have their finger prints scanned.  This step must be completed every 4-years.

C.  Manalapan Township ID Card

Once A and B are completed, volunteers must schedule to have a photo taken by Township personnel for their Identification Card.  The card will be issued to all parent volunteers.


II.   New Jersey Youth Soccer Requirements

The below steps are required for all travel parent manager volunteers (to include assistant parent managers).  Volunteers will NOT be able to serve as a parent manager until all of the following are completed.  All of these steps are required to receive your coach’s ID card.  The coach’s card is required to be on the sideline during games.

A.  NJ State Soccer Coaching Certificate Course --


This course is the minimum requirement to be involved with travel soccer as a coach/parent manager.  It is a one-time requirement.   It usually involves a classroom portion and a field training portion. 

B.  CDC Heads-up Concussion Training --

This is an online training course.  It is a one-time requirement

C.  Safesport Training --

Includes Abuse Prevention Awareness & Mandatory Reporting Education – This requires annual refresher training

First-time registration:

·   US Center for SafeSport: To enroll in this program just click on the link below, click on “Sign In,” click on “Register.” When prompted, make sure to select US Soccer as your NGB and then enter the access code provided below.

·   To register or learn more:

·   Access code: YC3E-6P5G-YYIL-CS2M

·   In order to complete your course registration you will receive an email to confirm your email address.  You must respond to this email to activate your account.

·    Upon completion print out your certificate and keep on file.

Return user for their yearly refresher course:

·   US Center for SafeSport: To log into your SafeSport account just click on the link below, click on “Sign In.”

·   To access your account:

·   Login credentials are your email address and password that you used to register.

·   Select the refresher course that you need to take, i.e., Refresher 1: Recognizing and Reporting Misconduct or Refresher 2: Preventing Misconduct

·   Upon completion, print out your certificate and keep on file.

D.  NJ Youth Soccer Background Check --

For the NJ Youth Soccer Background Check.  Not to be confused with the Manalapan Township Background Check, the NJYS Background Check is done electronically and will only take about 5 minutes for you to complete.  Since NJYS is switching to a new system this year the directions for signing up are a bit unusual so please just follow the directions.  There are three ways to sign up.  If you have been a carded coach before you can use any method but I recommend you use method number one.  If you are brand new to travel soccer coaching you will need to use method number #3.

Method #1

1.      Log in to your account on the Club’s website (

2.      Go to the volunteer tab on the left side of the screen

3.      Select the check box next to “Risk Status”

4.      Click on “Renew & Update”

Method #2

Watch this YouTube video for directions on how to complete the NJYS Background Check .

There is NO FEE to the coach for this background check.

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